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Krista Crews

Resident buyer’s agent and reigning style savant, Krista Crews has a way of standing out in a crowd. And we’re not just talking about her funky glasses. Renowned for her refreshing approachability, she cues up the perfect combination of wit and warmth. A people person in the truest sense, her Midwestern roots have betrayed her more than once.

Born in Fairfax, Missouri (population: 648) and raised in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, it’s no surprise that Krista is driven by human connection. It’s likely what led her to work at music industry icons Capital Records, Astralwerks, and Warner Music for artists she loves. Onetime Executive Assistant to the President of Capitol Records, Krista is no stranger to the demands of high-stakes situations and remaining calm under pressure.

Applying the same hustle and no-nonsense approach to real estate, she’s found her niche helping others put down roots. A people-first agent who’s remarkably intuitive, Krista focuses on what matters most to buyers. She doesn’t merely focus on selling someone a home, but serving as a trusted advocate, securing a home they love while making them feel safeguarded every step of the way.

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