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Krista Crews

Born in a small town in Missouri and raised in Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, the human connection is what drives Krista in life. She is warm, witty, perceptive and intuitive, with a sharp business acumen. She graduated cum laude from the University of Denver with a BSBA in Marketing. After 20+ years of back and forth between New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco working in the music industry at icons like Capitol Records, Astralwerks and Warner Music, Krista comfortably settled back into California living and made her way to ACME, where she found like-minded agents who put people first. Krista’s clients love her hardworking, no-nonsense approach, as well as her MacGyver-like problem solving skills and begrudgingly put up with her bad jokes.

Krista has lived in the East Hollywood/Los Feliz/Silver Lake area for a combined total 18 years now and drinks in all that Los Angeles has to offer with a zest and appreciation of beauty, diversity and life that is contagious.

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